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A big-picture view of current knowledge of the planet Venus, once thought to be a sister planet of Earth, includes the following facts:


UFO Magazine Article

Falsification of Data

Reply to Tim Thompson Article on Talk.Origins Website

Summary of Pioneer Venus Findings


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·         Cydonia, first indication of controversary involving Mars

·         Age of the Earth

·         Nature of the Neanderthal

·         Humans and Hominids, the non-relationship

·         Richard Heinberg: Paradisial Golden Age, Antediluvian Peace

·         Saturn Theories

·         Al de Grazia and Hugh Crossthwaite, Electricity and Ancient Religion

·         Telepathy in Recent Prehistoric Times

·         Telepathy in Ancient Times, Short Version

·         Dinosaur Soft Tissue Studies and Radio-Carbon Testing

·         Dinosaurs and Gravity in the Ancient World

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