Green Sun Over Egypt

The standard interpretations of Egyptian pyramid texts date from the late 1800's. Nobody at that time had considered even the possibility of a different solar-system order having pertained just 6000 years ago; quite naturally, all explanations given were in terms of present reality, even though the fit could be seen to be a forced one.

A careful reading of these tales leaves no one in doubt that strangeness is being described. Osiris is often described as a "night sun" or "sun of night".

The reference to Osiris as the "night sun" is fairly common. From Ignatius Donelly's "The destruction of Atlantis / Ragnarok, the Age of Fire and Gravel, page 234:

"M. Mariette-Bay says: 'Originally, Osiris is the nocturnal sun; he is the primordial night of chaos; he is consequently anterior to Ra, the sun of day". Mr. Miller says: 'As nocturnal sun, Osiris was also regarded as a type of the sun BEFORE ITS FIRST RISING, or of the primordial night of chaos...'"
which is a bit closer to the kind of thing David Talbott is talking about.

There is a great deal more of the unusual in the character of Osiris; the pyramid texts insist on claiming that the sun they called Osiris was GREEN! Actually, what you will notice looking at the shenbond jewel at the top of this page or at the representations of the Saturn system alignment depicted on the Kronia WWW site, is that humans formerly observed at least three other bodies in a stacked alignment above us, and that one of those (Venus) was blue-green, and hence the light which the entire apparition radiated might well have been greenish.

For instance, Budge's "Book of the Dead", page 253:

"Becometh green through thee the earth in triumph before the hand of Neberter..."
page 10:
"Golden of limbs, blue of head, emerald upon both of his sides..."
page 250:
"Thou hast come with thy splendours, and thou hast made heaven and earth bright with thy rays of pure emerald light..."
page 251:
"...governor of the mountains of Aukert, thou dost rise in the horizen of heaven and sheddest upon the earth beams of pure emerald light..."
page 254:
"Through thee, the world waxeth green in triumph before the hand of Nebertcher.... Thy body is of gold, thy head is of azure, and emerald light encircleth thee..."
From which we might readily infer that Osiris is something which we no longer see, even as the circumstances which allowed for 200,000 lb land animals are no longer in evidence. Lots of things can change in 6000 years.

Catastrophists claim that all of the various names for Egyptian chieftan gods originally referred either to Jupiter or Saturn, and not to our present sun.

Heiroglyphic representations of Ra, Atum, Osiris, invariably have the form of a star inside a ring of some sort, or of some representation thereof: a star inside a coiled hoop-snake (actually a cobra imitating a hoop snake), a human eye symbol (Osiris), which is another dot inside a ring symbol, and others.

Does Egyptian literature ever talk about a ring or circle in association with one of these chieftan gods?

Consider the Praises of Ra, Budge's "Gods of the Egyptians", Vol I, page 339 - 348:

1 Praise be to thee O Ra, exalted Sekhem, Lord of the hidden circles of the Tuat...

3 Praise be to thee, O Ra... and thou makest thy creations as Governor of thy circle.

4 Praise be to thee, O Ra... Thou art he whose forms are his own creations, and thou makest thy creations in thy great disk.

[ Our present sun IS a disk. There is no way in which it can be said to do anything WITHIN a disk. The language makes no sense given our present realities]

6. Praise be to thee, O Ra... Thou art he who gathereth together thy gods when thou goest into thy hidden circle.

[gathers other visible planets etc. within the <partially occulted> ring]

9. Praise be to thee, O Ra... the sender of light into his circle... thou art he who makest the darkness to be in his circle, and thou coverest those who are therein.

[what sense does this make within our present framework? Here is actually described the periodic occulting of the bodies within the ring of the polar apparition]

10. Praise be to thee, O Ra... the illuminator of bodies in the horizens... thou art he who entereth into his circle.

[ Our present sun does not illuminate other steller bodies as is clearly and plainly described here; our present sun renders them invisible by its overpowering light. Something else is described.]

20 Praise be to thee, O Ra... thou shining one who dost send forth light upon the waters of heaven...

[ some of the same waters which the earth encountered during the flood... ]

23 Praise be to thee, O Ra... thou goest in and comest out and thou comest out and goest in to thy hidden circle...

We simply no longer see anything in the sky shedding green or "pure emerald" light over the world, or any sort of a star in a ring.

Something was very different in those days.