Outline for a rational alphabet and system

of spelling for the English language


The whole world knows that English spelling is a sick joke.  If English is to be the international language of business and commerce, then a rational alphabet and a rational system of spelling need to be devised for it, and the present hodgepodge system needs to be jettissoned altogether.  The inordinate amount of time spent by foreigners and English speaking children alike learning our present system of spelling would be better of spent on more reasonable goals.

A reasonable system of spelling for English would be based on the following ideas:


The following should serve as an example of what is needed:



 This list includes a few foreing characters which are often needed in English, two umlauted German vowels and the Spanish N, and it leaves out several things which should not be needed.  A few examples (without the diacriticals):

Sex ==> seks.

wet ==>  uet

water ==>  uater

 you ==> u

yonder ==> yonder The use of y in English is not complex or ambiguous and it would be good to keep it around despite it being used as as diphthong in practice.


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