Sink the Beagle

There are no wars in paradise; that should seem fairly obvious on the face of it. Nevertheless there is also no shortage of soldiers, airmen, and sailors from earthly wars including many career servicemen. For such of those as still evince an interest in military affairs, there are certain kinds of military operations available as passtimes. What you observe here is the German section of one such. American, British, Japanese and Russian sections are currently being reworked.

If you are not an active or deceased member of the Nazi German armed forces, then you have somehow or other stumbled onto the computer game version of this exercise.

You should understand that this is considered by many to be the ultimate WW-II computer game and can easily ruin a player for any and all other such games. Enter at your own risk.

Bitte treten Sie hinein...

The title "Sink the Beagle" and the concept of a computer game involving the salvation of the world via the destruction of the HMS Beagle by naval gunfire is Copyright(C) Theodore (Ted) Holden, 2010

The idea of a surface bettle between HMS Beagle and DKM Scharnhorst is inspired in part by the classic film "Bambi meets Godzilla":

Real game programmers interested in assisting with this project should contact the bear:

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