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The problem with human origins topics has been, that standard pronouncements  are basically nonsensical no matter where you turn.

If you want to believe that humans evolved from hominids, you need to believe that some hominid/human-wannabee:

You say that doesn't sound like a formula for success?

If, on the other hand, you prefer to believe (as I do) that God created modern man fully formed, then there is a question as to whether God would create a creature on a world for which the creature was spectacularly ill-adapted.

For that matter, somebody might claim that God created the Neanderthal for this planet the way it existed some tens of thousands of years ago, and that would at least make sense logically...

(image courtesy

Until now, the EU (Electric Universe as per has not had anything to offer along these lines. In fact, the lack of anything resembling a corresponding and coherent theory of human origins has been the most major weakness of the EU and Saturn Theory generally.

All of that is the bad news. The good news is, that help has arrived:

This book does not answer every question which people will have about human origins, but several of the questions which it does answer are big ones.  One of those is the question of where modern humans originally came from.

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