Flori-duh and the 2000 Election


It starts with claims of 100% voter turnout in areas in which, on a given day, half the adult population is either in prison, drunk on their asses, flaked out, cracked out, or otherwise either preoccupied or incapacitated...

Then there was the problem that the punchcard devices used in heavily democrat areas (because they are highly adaptable to machine politics and fraud) would only punch ten or fifteen ballots at a time before they started jamming and producing "dimpled chads". Not having machines which can punch at least 100 at a time was seen as further evidence of racism.

Ever notice that banks and other businesses in these same minority areas stopped using punchcards in 1974?

Further evidence of racism was clearly involved in the state's refusal to provide the DNC with double busses for their "knock and drag" tactics. 
Ever notice that the German Nazi party was the last group to use "knock and drag"? Ever read about what finally happened to the German Nazi party in 1945?
In real life, the second civil war would have started the day they handed Algor the presidency on the basis of "dimpled chads". Turns out the only way anybody ever managed to produce a "dimpled chad" by experiment was by trying to punch twenty or thirty ballots at one time. What that means is that after it became apparent that Bush had an insurmountable lead of 60,000 or 70,000 votes with 99.9-siomething percent of the vote counted and Algor called to concede the first time, some asshole sat there with his own votomatic machine and manufactured what he thought was enough votes to put Algor over the top; he simply missed his tally by a few ballots. They actually caught one democrat official driving around with a votomatic machine in the trunk of his car, which, in a democracy such as ours, is the political equivalent of driving around with a neutron bomb in his trunk.
The most major thing which saved the situation was the exposure of the Gore tactics for eliminating most of the military absentee vote. After that it was obvious that no significant segment of the military would have supported any sort of a Clinton/Gore power-play such as declaring martial law in Florida, and the game was basically over.
Democrats obviously see all of this as racism and fascism. I see it as our having put the federal government back under adult supervision in 2000. In my view, democrats need more adult supervision and not less of it.

Basically, if you take the fraud and media collusion out of the picture, Bush won the election by a landslide and Fla. by at least the 50,000 - 60,000 votes which the dems had to manufacture in the last 20 minutes.
I mean, you get a state which is overwhelmingly republican in the makeup of its legislature and you ask yourself how a democrat presidential candidate, particularly a total loser like Algor, even comes close other than by the dems manufacturing votes in their own precincts?
The basic answer is that manufacturing votes will only help the dems in statewide elections such as for president. They can manufacture all the votes they want for statewide reps and it will not affect the makeup of the Fla legislature since the republicans will still win their own districts.





















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