The "War on Drugs(TM)"


This topic also is in the category of issues I have with Republicans and conservatives, although there isn't much to choose between the parties on the issue.

The main problem is again economic.  The drugs one of these idiots would use in a day under rational circumstances would cost a dollar;  that would simply present no scope for crime or criminals.  Under present circumstances that dollar's worth of drugs is costing the user $300 a day and since that guy is dealing with a 10% fence, he's having to commit $3000 worth of crime to buy that dollar's worth of drugs.  In other words, a dollar's worth of chemicals has been converted into $3000 worth of crime, times the number of those idiots out there, times 365 days per year, all through the magic of stupid laws.  No nation on Earth  could afford that forever.

A rational set of drug laws would:

Do all of that, and the drug problem and 70% of all urban crime will vanish within two years.

That would be a theoretical ideal solution of course, which might or might not be possible.  But we'd be better off simply legalizing it all than doing what we are now.  150 Years ago, there were no drug laws in America and there were no overwhelming drug problems.  How bright do you really need to be to figure that one out??

























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