Illuminated Calligraphy

At about the time that Win-95 came out, a good quality color printer was still a $10,000 item. Today, you can buy them for $150. These devices can produce photographic quality images but, for the most part, the typical owner hasn't really figured out much in the way of good uses for such devices. What you will see on this page amounts to such a use.

You might also have noticed that typical yuppie software exists for producing spreadsheets, business letters, labels, small databases, pamphlets and what not; but what about love letters, or things with which you would like to really, really impress somebody?

In the middle ages and renaissance periods, the answer to that question was termed "Illuminated Calligraphy" and, while producing such things with the printers of 1990 was not feasible, todays printers are.

The idea behind this section of Bearfabrique is to provide you with things which will impress anybody, when need arises.

Decorative Fonts

Good decorative fonts are the easiest part of fancy printing. There is no shortage of font sources on the net, for instance Acid Fonts dotcom, or Stuff dotcom over in England. The following are a few fonts which I find useful at times, particularly the black chancery font:

Black Chancery ttf
Black Forest.ttf
Vampire (exotic cap letters)
English Gothic

and a collection of flowing capital letters which can be useful at times:

Dutch style cap letters in pcx format

Those kinds of things are the basics.

The items below this point are free, but copyrighted. They cannot be sold or used for commercial purposes, use common sense.

The next thing you'll need (for English language writing at least) will be a couple of really good capital leter D's (since nearly all English letters begin with "Dear John", "Dear Sally" etc.

The two offered here are REAL good.

Lace D 1

Lace D 2,

Of course, the basic idea is to use one of the illuminated capital D's in a wordprocesser frame followed by the rest of 'ear John, or 'ear Sally' or whatever, thus:

What often works well is to have some sort of a simple design at the top of a page, like:

followed by the illuminated "Dear Alice,".

Now, suppose everything you've seen so far, while adequate for many purposes, simply is not good enough for that person you'd like to really impress. In that case, you will need to download the Bearfabrique illuminated page set. That set contains three illuminated pages in Word format which can easily be modified to your needs:

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